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Ok, so here’s the deal:  As a family of 4, I want to make sure we eat well, fresh and clean…using honest and accessible ingredients.  I try to cook as naturally as possible and, as our budget allows, organically.  Not a ton of processed foods or junk with a mile long label of ingredients we can neither pronounce nor understand.  And being a Mama, I won’t be including high maintenance recipes that are time-consuming to prepare and get on the table.

Instead you’ll find:

  • Straightforward, nutritious recipes like Chicken Cacciatore with Rosemary Polenta and Sauteed Green Beans that typically serve 4 for less than $8 per meal.
  • Tips, insights and how-to’s to eat (and drink) well on a budget.
  • Major successes and total failures as we attempt to live fantastically on a budget.
  • I’m not going to lie – I might occasionally throw in a few over-the-top recipes.  Every now and then you just have to splurge.

Here we go…

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  1. Amy Olewiler #


    This is such a great idea! I am going to share your blog with a few of my friends. 🙂 Just looking at the pictures of your food is making me really hungry! I”m sure James will appreciate my trying a few of your recipes too.

    🙂 Amy O.

    May 30, 2011
    • Thanks Amy! It’s been so much fun and I’m learning a ton.
      So fun to see you last weekend!

      May 30, 2011

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