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extra credit: grow your own herbs.

I’d like to introduce you to a new series entitled Extra Credit…for all you FANATICALLY frugal foodies out there, here’s where you can earn a little extra credit and a few gold stars.

I call today’s Extra Credit GYOH.  That’s right: Grow Your Own Herbs.

Here’s the deal.

When a recipe calls for fresh herbs (basil, parsley, terragon, thyme, mint, etc) you could race to the store and pick up a pack for $2-4 per  (and likely never use all of them anyway so they sit on your refrigerator shelf for a week or so and you think “wow, I should really do something with that basil” but then the basil starts turning downright brown and you finally throw it away with just a moderate amount of guilt)…

OR you could grow your own herbs!

Lowes supplied us with our herb garden including staples like basil, parsley, oregano, sage, thyme and chives.  You can buy packs separately for about $3-4 per or they sell pre-potted herb gardens for $15, including the pot.  Seriously, what a steal.  That way you can use just what you need and, assuming you don’t starve the poor plant, have enough herbs for months.

So to recap, you could:

1.  Get in your car, run to the store and spend $2-4 per pack of herbs for 1 recipe


2.  Walk leisurely out your back door with your scissors and gather from your harvest of herbs, having spent nearly the same amount for months and months of use.

Ok, class dismissed.

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  1. I hope my herbs hurry up and grow already! I tried from seeds this year and I’m not having as much luck. I may be heading to Home Depot or Green Thumb to get some prestarted ones.

    June 8, 2011

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