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summer shrimp saute.

This recipe is officially titled Summer Shrimp Saute, thanks to my girl Caitlin Sogoian who, along with other fans on Facebook, offered up some pretty amazing and creative names for this recipe.  And let me tell you – I appreciate the help:  before crowd-sourcing the name I was stuck at “Shrimp Whatshamacallit.”

All this shrimp has me thinking;  I’ve decided there might be a limit to this whole frugal foodie thing.  If I ever win the lottery, I plan to buy raw shrimp that is already de-veined and peeled.  Because really there’s no grosser (that’s a word right?) job I can think of at this very moment than preparing shrimp.  I’m pretty sure it’s the filthiest.  Really, what exactly is in those veins anyway?

But in the meantime, I stock up on peely, veiny, raw shrimp whenever I can find it on sale for $4.99/lb or less.

But oh!  The shrimp look so glorious sauteed up in garlic, butter and olive oil!

And here are the summer veggies we’ll toss into the skillet with the shrimp for this light meal.  You’ll thank me for this recipe some Monday after a long weekend of bbqs and homemade ice cream.

Speaking of which!  Stay tuned for some wonderfully caloric recipes in the upcoming week.  I’m getting ready for my Grandpa’s surprise 90th birthday party, an all-American theme!  More to come…

Summer Shrimp Saute

(serves 4)

What You’ll Need:

1 pound shrimp, deveined, unpeeled, tails off ($4.99 at $4.99/lb)

1 tablespoon butter ($.09 at $.09/tablespoon)

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil ($.08 at $.08/tablespoon)

3 cloves minced garlic ($.09 at $.03/clove)

1/2 red onion, chopped ($.30 at $.59/lb)

3 small or 2 medium zucchini, sliced ($.99 at $.99/lb)

2 cups frozen (thaw if you use frozen) or fresh corn ($.80 at $1.29/bag)

1/2 red bell pepper, chopped ($.50 at $.99 per)

1/2 cup chopped roma or halved grape tomatoes ($.50 at $.99/lb)

Salt and pepper, to taste

Fresh basil or italian parsley (free!…if you grow your own)


Heat 1/2 tablespoon butter and 1/2 tablespoon olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat.  Add garlic and cook a minute, then add shrimp and cook for 3 minutes until completely pink.  Remove and set aside but keep the shrimp juices (isn’t that appetizing!) in the skillet.

Add the rest of the butter and olive oil to the skillet and add red onion and zucchini.  Cook 3-4 minutes.  Add corn, bell pepper and tomatoes and continue sauteeing for another 3 minutes.  Finally, add back in the shrimp, sprinkle liberally with salt and pepper, and remove from heat.

Serve with fresh herbs on top.

TOTAL:  $8.42 or $2.10 per serving.  You will likely want to serve with some additional carbs – fresh french bread, focaccia, skillet corn bread, etc.


232 calories per serving

8 grams of fat

16 carbs

27 grams protein

3 grams fiber

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  1. DreadPirateRogers #

    That shrimp vein? Yeah, its their digestive tract. So its full of shrimp poop. The more you know!

    August 4, 2012
    • Ugh! I refuse to think about it too much… 🙂

      August 6, 2012

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