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wine friday: revelation cabernet/merlot blend.

Un Joyeux Vendredi!  Happy Friday!

This week’s sub $10 wine pic is a French blend from Trader Joes, where I’m convinced they have a super wine buyer who negotiates amazing deals with incredible winemakers as there are so many great wines to choose from in my price range.

I’m so not a fan of merlot, but my new BFF working in the local Trader Joes wine department assured me I would be a big fan of this wine regardless, so I went for it.  Well, it made the post so, you can see he was right.

For your consideration:  Revelation Cabernet/Merlot from Vin de Pays d’Oc

This wine is 55% cabernet and 45% merlot, medium to full bodied, and surprisingly rich.  We enjoyed it with chicken cacciatore and polenta but I think a hearty pasta would have be excellent with it too.

$5.99 at Trader Joes.

Happy Friday!

What about you?  Have any sub-$10 favorites?

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  1. Frontera Cabernet/Merlot 2011 from Chile is a new favorite of mine. Only $5.99 here in New Jersey! I’ll be reviewing it soon over at

    February 25, 2012
    • Thanks! I’ll have to give it a try…did you find it at TJs?

      February 26, 2012
      • No, my local liquor store. I’m afraid the closest TJ’s is over 35 miles away (plus, we can’t buy wine in our grocery stores here). It’s Medieval, I know!

        February 26, 2012
  2. I love blends and always choose them on restaurant menus whenever I can. It is so hard to believe you can get a good bottle of wine for $5.99. Leave it to TJ’s!

    March 3, 2012
  3. George #

    OMG! I had this bottle last night and it was awesome!!! I couldn’t remember where I purchased it (I thought it was TJ’s) so when I researched it last night, I came across your page. I am going to call TJ’s today and see if I can secure a case!

    I am glad I ran across your site! My whino buddy and I have game that we play. We try to best one another for the best under $10 wine find. I think I am winning with the Revelation! Anybody can purchase a good $50 bottle of wine – but it takes skill to find one under $10!

    March 18, 2012
    • Thanks George! Keep the wine recommendations coming, especially those under $10!

      March 18, 2012

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