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8 weekly menu plans with grocery lists, your choice!

That’s right!  For all you out there who like to weigh your options before making a decision…

I’ve included a recap of the first 8 weekly meal plans (WITH grocery lists!) for you to choose from.  So sit back, relax, and go for whichever plan sounds best to you (and your wallet)!

Week 1 for $53.87. 

Pick this week and you’ll enjoy…

  • feta and herb chicken
  • sausage and tomato pasta
  • cashew chicken curry
  • breakfast pizza, and more!

Week 2 for $48.68.

Lots of easy and delicious recipes here!  Enjoy…

  • lemony goat cheese pasta
  • southwest turkey soup
  • cottage cheese pancakes, and more.

Week 3 for $50.43.

One of my favorite weeks!  Included this week are…

  • food snob’s meatloaf
  • sausage and tomato risotto
  • curried chicken and zucchini couscous. and more.

Week 4 for $52.14.

Talk about some new and different recipes!  This week enjoy…

  • pan roasted sirloin with a corn salsa
  • turkey meatballs with golden raisins and pinenuts
  • chipotle black bean soup, and more!

Week 5 for $54.96.

Get ready for company with these crowd pleasing dishes.  Enjoy…

  • green chile chicken enchiladas
  • pork medallions with cherry zinfandel sauce
  • grilled chicken with chipotle cilantro carrots and feta, and more!

Week 6 for $61.05.

Week 6 plan includes…

  • roasted salmon in a jalapeno blackberry butter
  • sausage pasta with broccoli and asiago
  • chicken tortilla soup, and more!

Week 7 for $55.12.

Pick this week and you’ll dine on…

  • prosciutto and caramelized onion pizza
  • spaghetti with golden beets, arugula pesto and goat cheese
  • greek panzanella with chicken, and more!

Week 8 for $57.35.

Ever had…

  • a potato rosemary frittata with feta?
  • a pizza with bacon, pear and mascarpone?
  • Bandera’s macho salad?

Choose this week and you’ll eat like you mean it, on a budget of course!

SO which one did you pick and how did it go?  Let’s connect on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@frugalfoodiefam).

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