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wine friday: flying heart red wine.

I don’t have a tattoo, but there was this period in college when the dolphin-on-the-ankle tattoo was big and I seriously considered going for it.  10 years later I’m ink-free and grateful for the better judgement.  Having said that, I think it might have been that quite small but still existent inner rebel in me that drew me to this wine label, which screams “buy me if you loved Guns n Roses in 1988” or “perfect for bike gang members everywhere.”

This did, however, turn out to be quite a tasty wine.  It’s fruity, for sure.  I was actually iffy on whether I actually liked it after the first sip, but as it opened up, I (and my neighbors with whom I was enjoying it) warmed up to this red blend.

For your consideration:  Flying Heart Red Wine

If you are into super (read: nearly over the top) fruity reds, give this one a try!

$4.99 at Trader Joes.

Happy Friday!

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