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wine friday: mark west chardonnay.

Today we were doing a little Fall cleaning and Emma found my decades-old diary.

So without further ado, here’s a little window into my 5th grade mind:

January 5, 1990

“I think Ryan is so cute, he is in my class, and I think he looks at me or maybe that’s Jason who sits next to me, Ryan’s best friend, I mean friend.  I am listening to Hangin Tough right now by New Kids on the Block or NKOTB, anyway this is my order: Donnie, Jordan, Joe, Danny, Jon.  They are so cute.”

Oh wow.

As I pour over the deep thoughts of my 10 year old brain, a few thoughts:

1.  Run-on sentences.  Seems I have a long history with them.

2.  I’ll start praying now that Emma’s boy-craziness peaks around age 30, instead of at the end of her first decade as apparently mine did.

3.  Clearly I had the New Kids all mixed up.  Because we all know Joe was the cutest 🙂

21 years later I’m a little more grown up (on most days) and boy-crazy about just one great guy.  I’m still loving me some run-on sentences.  And aside from one fascinating morning when I was glued to Today for the NKOTB reunion, there are few resemblances between my 10 and 31 year old selves.

Including the fact that now I can try new wines.

This last week I found this one at our local grocery store (gasp, it wasn’t my usual wine stores!), and bought this Chardonnay on sale.  It was pretty good, and we all agreed it was better than the cheaper bottle we also tried that evening.  Check out what I paid for it below…

For your consideration:  Mark West Chardonnay

This summery Chardonnay is clean and fresh.  It is fruity with hints of oak, and would be fabulous with chicken, turkey or pasta.

$5-8 on sale at most grocery stores (I’d recommend buying on sale as there are others that are tastier in a higher price point).

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  1. I loved the NKOTB too, I like some of their current stuff too! I was cleaning out stuff a couple months ago when I moved and found some high school papers that made me laugh. It seems like was more innocent when we were younger.

    October 1, 2012
    • If only someone could have told me I’d be laughing about myself in high school 🙂

      October 1, 2012

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