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wine friday: grifone primitivo.

I really wish I were more politically astute.

These days there are no less than 7 pieces of election-related mail pieces greeting me each time I open my mailbox, 3-4 “vote for this measure” or “don’t vote for this guy” flyers on my front door step, and the occasional brave soul who comes knocking at the door right about the time I’m calling “DINNER” and collecting my kids from out front.  Why do they have to ring my doorbell or blow up my phone just as I’m getting dinner on the table??

Moreover, can I just say I really wish I had more time to read all the measures and propositions, research the fine print for all these seemingly important decisions, watch every Presidential debate, etc.  But it would seem this just isn’t the season of life for that, especially since I leave about 47 things undone at the end of each day, including filling out my ballot.

Someday I plan to be politically active, find the time to do the proper research, model all this for my kids.  But in the meantime, at the end of the day, I’m just glad I got dinner on the table and my kids are bathed.

Can you relate?

Here’s this week’s Wine Friday pick, a great recommendation from my girl Teri.  So good.  Super reasonable.

For your consideration:  Grifone Primitivo

Zinfandel in America is Primitivo in Italy…didya know?

Grifone is made from old Zin vines in the Puglia region.  This Primitivo is rich with vanilla flavors and has a nice, long finish that’s surprisingly smooth for the price.  It’s robust characteristics make it an excellent wine to pair with hearty meats, turkey, tomato-based dishes, pizza and parmesan or asiago cheeses.

$3.99 at Trader Joes.  But hurry!  Some of the wines I’ve recommended from TJ’s have been known to sell out quickly!

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  1. I’m actually more involved in politics this year than ever before. But I think it’s because I really like Obama and the fact that Romney wants to get rid of Pell Grants and birth control is a bit alarming!

    As always, I love your wine posts!

    October 20, 2012

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