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1 year, 10 TJ’s favorites, and a GIVEAWAY!

It’s been a year since I started frugalfoodiefamily, my little attempt to share with the world how I cook and eat well on a budget, for our family of 4 but also and sometimes even more importantly I think, for the community around me.  Our budget started last year at $385, is now $400, and I’ve posted over 150 recipes in nearly 200 posts.  Whoa. Read more


pasta with sausage, broccoli and asiago…and my very first GIVEAWAY!

Oh heaven.  Where do I begin?

How about here:

Yup.  The editors at Martha Stewart Everyday Food magazine are clearly out of their mind as they chose to include me in their March issue, which is this fantastic issue all about eating well on a budget.

I thought someone was playing a practical joke on me when I heard from them.  For reals. Read more


Ok, so here’s the deal:  As a family of 4, I want to make sure we eat well, fresh and clean…using honest and accessible ingredients.  I try to cook as naturally as possible and, as our budget allows, organically.  Not a ton of processed foods or junk with a mile long label of ingredients we can neither pronounce nor understand.  And being a Mama, I won’t be including high maintenance recipes that are time-consuming to prepare and get on the table.

Instead you’ll find: Read more

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