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seattle: 4 days, 17 eateries, and 2 pounds later.

So last year you might recall (well the 3 of you who kindly stopped by the blog then – hi mom, dad and sweet mother in law!), Andrew and I ate our way through Vancouver and I shared about our eating adventures here.  This year we explored the foodie paradise that is Seattle.  A few days before leaving I started a list of eateries I wanted to check out,and quickly had 70 places on the list (I know, right?)…having found recommendations on blogs I follow, magazines like Bon Appetit and Food and Wine, and local publications like Seattle Weekly. Read more


extra credit: 9 ways to save when you eat out.

I’m not sure there are many things I love more than trying new restaurants.  Between you and me, I might eat out several times a week if our budget would allow it. Also I would hire a babysitter because really it’s just more fun that way. Read more

bacon and egg pizza.

Christmas is over.

I’m not sure whether to sigh or squeal with delight…at least as far as calories go.

For us (well me, and I kind of drag Andrew along), the end of the holiday season means a total detox plan to get back to our pre-holiday weight. For instance today my diet consisted of coffee, eggs, pinto beans and apples with peanut butter.

Okay, except for this pizza. Read more

vancouver: 3 days, 10 restaurants, and 2 pounds later.

There are two distinct careers I can remember wanting when I “grew up.”

Travel/food writing and food styling.

For the most part I dismissed those, the first because doesn’t everyone want to write and travel for Bon Appetit magazine?…and the second because, well, the creative juices required to be a food stylist just didn’t run through my blood (as evidenced by my ‘quick!…throw the food on the plate and take a picture of it before the family starts screaming and throwing things’ food shots). Read more

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