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roasted fall vegetables.

Eat Your Veggies!

Not the veggie-eating type?  Well after sampling this recipe you might just change your mind.  There’s something indescribable that happens when you toss your veggies in olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper.  They get all sweet and caramely and flavorful. Read more


roasted beet salad + cherries + goat cheese = northwest envy.

If I told you I spent last week in the Pacific Northwest, blissfully eating my way through Seattle, would you judge me as Head Frugal Foodie?  You would if you heard how many eateries we tried (more on that later)… Read more

chicken and wild rice salad.

Welcome to my favorite drop-off meal for new moms.

I (vaguely) remember the blur of those early days post-labor – the figuring out my diet, wishing away the last few pregnancy pounds, wondering if I would ever have time to cook (or shower) again, and praying earnestly against casseroles when friends and family kindly volunteered to bring over dinner. Read more

chile lime creamed corn.

Ok, I’m really putting myself out here now:  you’ve seen my handwriting.

Maybe now you can appreciate why my friends and family mock me for having such awful chicken scratch.  Like maybe I was formerly in a gang, or never passed the 3rd grade in penmanship.  It’s remedial, for sure.  But between us, in this digital age I’ve started to not care, well except for those occasional times that I have letters returned to me because the poor post office can’t find my recipient’s address. Read more

roasted carrot and avocado salad.


If you’ve been hearing this over and over all our life but you lack any and all motivation to add more spinach, carrots or broccoli to your diet, may I recommend this salad.  It’s a fabulous dish for this time of year, and will help you feel better about that upcoming summer vacation you’re planning where you’ll inevitably have to don on a…(gulp)…bathing suit. Read more

black bean salad.

It’s no secret our family loves us some beans.  From soups to salads to chicken and rice bakes that I call a “bake” because I’m too snobby to introduce “casserole” to my vocabulary, beans are decided a staple in our kitchen.  And when I figured out what I could save by cooking my own instead of buying canned beans, our relationship went to a whole new level. Read more

orzo with spinach and feta.

Today’s been a gift of a day.  One of those days where, without even trying, I find myself present in each little moment, way more patient with my kids, grateful for all the small things.  Definitely not like last week, when I was cranky and horrible and trying way too hard to be neither of those things.  Funny how life works. Read more

garlic roasted broccoli (or oh sweet mother broccoli).

Oh sweet mother.

How popular is broccoli at your house?  Well if you’ve been serving steamed broccoli to a less-than-enthusiastic crowd, or you’re looking to spice up your broccoli life, you’re in luck.

Oh sweet mother.  That’s what your family will be saying when you serve them this broccoli. Read more

mascarpone polenta.

So in my never-ending quest to find uses for every last ounce of food in our pantry and fridge, from essentials to extras, last week I experimented with mascarpone cheese.  I had bought it for a tiramisu, then spread it on this pear, bacon and gorgonzola flatbread/pizza to create a sweet and creamy white layer instead of a traditional red pizza sauce.  So I added it to polenta along with some fresh herbs and it made for a smooth and more subtle version of my standard go-to asiago polenta recipe.  I’m inclined to think this polenta would pair well with a very flavorful stew or hearty meat dish, something with a little kick. Read more

sauteed spinach with garlic.

I’ll just tell you right now I’m not sure your kids will eat this spinach.  At least mine didn’t.  I even tried adding some raisins on top.

Oh well.  More for you. Read more

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