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savory shortbreads with parmesan, fennel and sea salt.

Savory cookies are totally my new favorite way to cookie.


In fact I baked up this recipe to bring to new neighbors who had moved in next door…except that, well, they sort of disappeared in the time that it took me to throw on some lipstick and get them wrapped up pretty.  I had the best of intentions.  Really. Read more


dark chocolate coconut granola.

Please don’t leave me alone too long with this granola.  I beg you.

You know those foods that sit around your kitchen, staring at you, teasing you, imploring you to take just one little bite?  And then you cave and before long there simply isn’t anything left in the box or bag or carton or jar.  Starbucks ice cream comes to mind, as do those evil peanut butter pretzels.

Get behind me satan! Read more

homemade chunky applesauce.


Kickin’ it Ma Ingalls style again this week, ya’ll.

Here was my experiment:  can I make homemade organic applesauce for less than I pay for the jarred stuff?

Well you’ll just have to keep reading to find out how my little experiment turned out… Read more

summer smoothie pops.

…and now for the continuation of my, it’s summer, it’s hot as heck, and my bananas are ripening faster than I know what to do with them, posts.  My last post was inspired by my kids’ ravenous appetite and the fact that I had ripe bananas, yogurt and strawberries hanging around the kitchen and begging to be put to use.  Well how’s this for utter laziness?  The only difference here is I’ve swapped juice for bread and strawberries and replaced the toaster with the freezer! Read more

nanaberry toast.

If only I had it in me to rise at the crack of dawn each morning like Ma Ingalls and offer my kids freshly baked bread and scrambled eggs I gathered from the organic hen house.

Real life:  my precious and ferociously hungry kids make sure I know they’re awake and ready to eat by 6:30am each morning, and I hunt for my glasses, stumble out of bed and pour them a bowl of cereal with milk while I patiently anxiously wait for my coffee to brew. Read more

savory asiago rosemary cookies, and let’s make a deal.

Last night we had a little Tuesday night dinner party soiree at our place. 

I’ve become convinced that any night is a good night for a dinner party.  During the course of the evening the conversation turned to social media and the sea of content, the endless noise we’re bombarded with when we jump online, check out blogs, connect on facebook or twitter, peruse pics on instagram, pin away on pinterest.

I feel it…do you? Read more

sea salt honey almond butter.

It’s kind of an unhealthy obsession, this eating well on a budget thing.

Sometimes I think I’m going a little overboard, calculating my running totals as I go through the grocery stores…finding myself totally ecstatic when I find some great deal on, I don’t know, oats…or stretching us through a day or two just to make it to the best day of the week to get the most deals.  Sorry, Andrew, if you’re still hungry you can have a bowl of frozen peas or some canned tuna. 

But today I’m thrilled to share with you a do-it-yourself recipe that is both functional and totally fabulous!  One that you and your kids will absolutely adore, and that’s so simple to make! Read more

extra credit: make your own trail mix.

Do you ever feel like a lot of your discretionary income is spent on snacks?  Gee wiz…talk about a budget buster.  My kids would snack all day if I’d let ’em, so I usually put the kibosh on the all day snacking and stick to 2-3 snacks a day. Read more

grandma’s granola bars.

Here’s a snack Emma and Mama Kitty whipped up for you.  Actually, as you can see, Mama Kitty was a total slacker, leaving all the mixing to Emma. Read more

kitchen sink granola.

I know what you’re thinking.

Really?  Another granola recipe?  Aren’t there about a quadrillion granola recipes out there? 

And the answer is yes.  It seems every cookbook or food blog out there includes at least 1 favorite granola recipe.

Well this is mine… Read more

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