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wine friday: rabbit trick syrah.

Three things on my mind this afternoon:

1.  X-Factor.  I’m so into it.  What I’m not into are the half naked dancers shaking their stuff around the contestants.  Does that make me old?

2.  My daughter is rad.  We let her to keep about 15 pieces of candy from Halloween, and she’s allowed to have 1 piece a day.  But without fail when she chooses her piece of candy for the day, she picks one out for me.  And her dad.  And thus our candy will last about 5 days.  I love her.

3.  My son had this awful viral infection this week, and I have this idea that he picked it up at church nursery.  Anyway, it was the whole deal…crying a lot during the day, lots of waking up at night, no eating, the whole sick thing.  So I think this categorically qualifies me for a glass of wine tonight.  No, actually I’m sure it does.

So here’s what we’ll be drinking…

For your consideration:  Rabbit Trick Syrah

This is a great California red, a 100% syrah blend from several different California vineyards.  Some grapes come from California’s inland valleys, others from the central coast, and some from the San Joaquin Valley, giving this wine a spectacular body…with plum, spice, blackberry and floral characters.

A complex and densely flavored Syrah, this red pairs well with sharp cheeses and entrees like chicken, spinach and basil roulades.

$5.99 at Trader Joes.  But hurry!  Some of the wines I’ve recommended from TJ’s have been known to sell out quickly!


wine friday: grifone primitivo.

I really wish I were more politically astute.

These days there are no less than 7 pieces of election-related mail pieces greeting me each time I open my mailbox, 3-4 “vote for this measure” or “don’t vote for this guy” flyers on my front door step, and the occasional brave soul who comes knocking at the door right about the time I’m calling “DINNER” and collecting my kids from out front.  Why do they have to ring my doorbell or blow up my phone just as I’m getting dinner on the table?? Read more

wine friday: the black shiraz.

Remember that time my hard drive decide to roll over and die, holding hostage my thousands of kid/food/life pics?


So instead I’m getting all fancy on you (read: not at all) and including the winemaker’s pic for this fabulous Shiraz find.

I’m hoping and praying that technology and I are better friends next week 🙂

For your consideration:  The Black Shiraz

This was quite a fine Australian shiraz find, deep in color and high in alcohol (14.5%).  Consistent with the shiraz family, The Black Shiraz has blackberry, spice and plum flavors.  It is quite big and bold, (which I LOVED) and therefore stands up well with roasts and strong cheeses.

$6.99 at Trader Joes.

wine friday: landing place chardonnay.

Dear Fall Weather:

Please come quick.  I’m ready for red wine.

Your friend in all things apples and pumpkins and stews,

Kelly Read more

wine friday: mark west chardonnay.

Today we were doing a little Fall cleaning and Emma found my decades-old diary.

So without further ado, here’s a little window into my 5th grade mind: Read more

wine friday: 1967 toscana blend.

I love Italy.

It’s made for wine-lovers.

And foodies.

And I happen to think I’m a little of both. Read more

wine friday: wild horse pinot noir.

Frugal Foodie Wine Friday Tip #1:  Invite really generous friends over for brunch (for no other reason than that you simply love them) and score a favorite bottle of splurgy wine!  Please note, my friends:  I don’t invite people over so they’ll bring us wine.  But if they do, I don’t complain 🙂

Typically I will include wines that I find for between $5-10 as part of my Wine Friday posts, but every now and then I’ll toss in a bottle that’s a bit more splurgy (and usually, though not always, tastier).  This wine is a fave and one that I’ll pick up every now and then if we’re celebrating something special AND I can find it on sale for $10-15. Read more

wine friday: winnefred chardonnay

Happy Friday Friends!

A window into my day so far:

1.  Make (and inhale) 2 large cups of coffee.

2.  Swim lesson at 8am.

3.  8 kids in the house at 9am, some hoping we’ll play basketball, others begging to bake brownies.

4.  Rowdy game of basketball on my 2 year old son’s hoop which he received over the weekend and which now no longer has a working net (we have older boys in our neighborhood – they’re hard core).

5.  Bake a pan of brownies for tonight’s Happy Hour.

6.  Race 8 kids up the street to the park and play until we are all dripping with sweat on this hot and humid day.

7.  Make 2 batches of popcorn for 8 veraciously hungry children.

8.  PB&J sandwiches for all (and note to self:  buy more bread next time at TJs).

9.  2 phone calls for work – that is, the work I do when I’m not working my full-time Mom gig.

10.  Send kids home and sit down with the laptop and lunch (today it’s peanut butter on a banana…so glamorous).

And it’s only 1:13pm. Read more

wine friday: epicuro salice salentino.

Stop the presses.  It’s August 10th?

Summer seems to be screeching to an end, my son is turning 2 (what the what?  how did that happen?  we just celebrated his 1 year birthday…), and we are quickly approaching the only sport the Hartman family rallies behind – football!  Admittedly on this 92 degree afternoon I’m pretty excited about the approach of fall, the change in the temperature, a different pace, school starting back up, and I can turn on my oven without completing melting my family.  Yay for Fall food! Read more

wine friday: earthstone 2009 chardonnay.

Why yes, that would be 2 Wine Fridays in a row featuring wines that aren’t of the red variety.  I’m branching out, people!

After all, it is summer, and I might have been sweet talked into this white by my wino friend at Trader Joes who told me that TJs recently purchased a huge amount of cases of this Chardonnay for a steal of a deal, far below its typical per-bottle selling price of $12.99 (keep reading to see what they sell it for). Read more

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