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frugal foodie family is moving…so let’s keep in touch!

Hey friends, fans, and fellow bloggers:

Frugal Foodie Family is moving!

That’s right.  I’m thrilled to announce we’re moving this little blog to a new platform that gives you and I both a little more flexibility.

Here’s what you need to know:

You can still access the site at

If you follow FrugalFoodieFamily on, I’ll need your help to keep in touch!

Here are a few ideas:

* Subscribe via RSS –

* Subscribe to Receive Posts via Email –

* Follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.  Did I mention I’m currently doing a GIVEAWAY on Facebook?  If that isn’t incentive to get over there, I’m not sure what is…

If you already receive my posts via email, you’re all set.  This will not be interrupted.

That’s it!

Looking forward to finding more ways to eat well on a budget, and serving up fabulous recipes that (usually) keep your waistline and wallet nice and trim.




wine friday: grifone primitivo.

I really wish I were more politically astute.

These days there are no less than 7 pieces of election-related mail pieces greeting me each time I open my mailbox, 3-4 “vote for this measure” or “don’t vote for this guy” flyers on my front door step, and the occasional brave soul who comes knocking at the door right about the time I’m calling “DINNER” and collecting my kids from out front.  Why do they have to ring my doorbell or blow up my phone just as I’m getting dinner on the table?? Read more

mama’s meat sauce.

I’m totally getting into this whole organic thing.

A lot of people ask me what I do about incorporating organic food into our budget and here’s where I’m at on it: Read more

6 fabulous meals, only $61.05 (shopping list included)!

I’ve told you about my Book Club, right?

Well, ok, hold up.  It’s a Mamas Group.  I admit it.  But I like to call us a Book Club as it sounds so refined and sophisticated and academic, so unlike how I typically feel in my everyday t-shirt-and-jeans-life, pushing my kids on the swings at the park and trying desperately not to check my phone every 5 minutes.  Can you relate?

Ok, back to Book Club. Read more

slow roasted shredded pork.

This is my attempt to make big-time fans out of your husbands, boyfriends, sons and male co-workers.

Shredded Pork.

That’s right.

As you know my defenses have become weakened over the years as far as pork is concerned…starting first with prosciutto, then bacon, then pork tenderloin.  I used to work in an office with 7 men who I’m pretty sure dreamed about pork at night.  Well, with this recipe you might as well just call me an all-out pork fan.  There are just no if’s, and’s or butt’s (no pun intended – well that’s not true…I had been thinking about that one for several minutes) about it. Read more

5 fresh ways to prepare chicken!

  • Laundry.
  • My 1 pair of skinny jeans.
  • Squeegeeing the shower.
  • Whining children.
  • Traffic.
  • “Call Me Maybe” on the radio.
  • The out-of-place, HOT weather we’re having (to whom do I send the memo that it’s October 7, for crying out loud?!)
  • Chicken.

Things I get tired of. Read more

wine friday: the black shiraz.

Remember that time my hard drive decide to roll over and die, holding hostage my thousands of kid/food/life pics?


So instead I’m getting all fancy on you (read: not at all) and including the winemaker’s pic for this fabulous Shiraz find.

I’m hoping and praying that technology and I are better friends next week 🙂

For your consideration:  The Black Shiraz

This was quite a fine Australian shiraz find, deep in color and high in alcohol (14.5%).  Consistent with the shiraz family, The Black Shiraz has blackberry, spice and plum flavors.  It is quite big and bold, (which I LOVED) and therefore stands up well with roasts and strong cheeses.

$6.99 at Trader Joes.

drop-off meals made easy: 6 transportable recipes.

I’m all about loving people through food.

Well, maybe not through casseroles…I’m not sure that’s love 😉 but still…

If there are opportunities to bring meals to new moms, the sick, the elderly, the homebound, families in crisis, you name it, I’m all about it.  In part because I love to cook but also because I feel it’s a tangible way to connect with and serve those around me.

Many of you have asked about meals or recipes that are easy to make, nutritious, relatively transportable and don’t break the budget, so without further adieu…here are 6 recipes the are easy to transport, simple to get on the table, and most importantly delicious! Read more

6 fall-inspired meals for $46.05, shopping list included!

Sorry if you received a blank email.  I currently want to breakup with this blog.  Therefore you won’t see pics on this post – so sorry!

Fair warning:  I’m getting up on my soapbox in 5, 4, 3, 2, … Read more

savory shortbreads with parmesan, fennel and sea salt.

Savory cookies are totally my new favorite way to cookie.


In fact I baked up this recipe to bring to new neighbors who had moved in next door…except that, well, they sort of disappeared in the time that it took me to throw on some lipstick and get them wrapped up pretty.  I had the best of intentions.  Really. Read more

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